The main hall with athletic race-track equipped with sports and technical facilities in accordance with current IAAF guidelines:

  • six-track round 200-metre race-track each single track 1m wide
  • eight-track straight racetrack for sprint races each single track 1,22 m wide in run tracks for long jump, triple jump, pole vault and high jump
  • Multi-functional pitches meeting the international requirements for tournaments and allowing for organisation of the competition.
  • Climbing wall meeting the requirements for organising masters championships
  • A hall for combative sports: judo, aikido, karate with appropriate mats and a warm-up area
  • Medical centres
  • Wellness lounges
  • Gyms

Apart from the main hall, the hall also includes additional sports facilities: a training hall as large as a handball, volleyball, basketball and tennis pitch with a climbing wall, a hall for martial arts, a gym, a hall for table tennis, dressing rooms, bathrooms adjusted to the requirements of various sporting federations, outpatient clinic, anti-doping clinic and wellness lounge. A climbing wall was also designed, which increases the attractiveness of the facility and allows for organising the tournaments in more sporting disciplines.


The audience, depending on the character of the individual event, may vary in number: from 5192 places on permanent stands in the basic form of the hall up to 6248 places – after using movable stands during the tournaments in group disciplines (volleyball, basketball, handball) – excluding the places for commentators and VIPs. The entertainment events may accommodate an additional number of approx. 3000 places after placing chairs on the pitch or organising sectors with standing places.
The complex has been designed without any architectural barriers, which would allow for organising events and sporting events also for the disabled.


20m – height
97,10m – width
162,25 – length
4 – number of ground levels
5168 – number of permanent places on the stand (including 249 VIP places)
510 – number of places on movable stands
700 – parking spaces
438 – parking spaces
28615m2 – usable area of the ground part
1 – number of underground levels
7 – number of VIP lounges
63 – number of places in a VIP lounge
108 – number of places for commentators